Playlist New Entry 4 Agustus 2008

The One Who Won My Heart – Christian Bautista

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Walau Habis Terang – Peterpan

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The One Who Won My Heart – Christian Bautista

Album: Captured
Released: 20 July 2008
Label: Warner Music Phillipines
website: http://www.christianbautista.org/

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“What i can say in that album is, none will be trashed.” This is how Christian Bautista described his third album titled Captured during the press launch held yesterday, July 16, at the Red Box Karaoke, TriNoma in Quezon City. He further explained, “None will be trashed in that CD. ‘What we want is, when we worked with Warner, all the songs are potential singles.”

The 27-year-old balladeer was so proud that he was able to put out an all-original album, something different from his previous albums that contained mostly cover songs. In fact, he said initially had doubts about making this album since most musicians were doing cover songs. “I was a little bit hesistant,” Christian narrated, “Will i really be ready for this? Will i be all original?’ But when i hear an original song thats a hit in the radio, whether foreigner or not, at least theres hope.

With all the twelve original songs in the album Captured, Christian realized that it’s still possible to satisfy listeners even without revival songs. “Its really ok, it just has to an exceptional song that will really touch some people’s lives and they can sing along. It’s risky pero good enough. This is taking the harder route.”

Talking about exceptional songs, Christian hopes that another song from his latest album would be able to touch the heart of his listeners. “There should really bea song that will top ‘The Way You Look At Me’ so that there will be another big hit because thats what singers or performers really need. As I’ve said a while ago we are competing with the rest of the world already, not only us,” said Christian.

He was worried that he might not be able to live up to the title “Asia’s Pop Idol” given to him by Warner Music Philippines. His second album, Completely, achieved platinum status in Indonesia; while its single “The Way You Look At Me,” became a number one song in Singapore. “Its like, this is really the album, we should push it to the extent that it could reallyb e a hit again in the Asian market, Malaysia or Singapore,” said Christian.

Amidst the pressure, the Star In A Million alumnus said that people close to him were there to support him. “What they really say is, ‘It’s not that, Christian, it’s because you already did it so that’s why this is the title. So, this is just a follow-up.’ So, hopefully it’ll get the same success like the first one.”

BALLADEER TRIES NEW GENRES. Christian’s third album Captured offers different types of music. “Meron diyang balance—parang may movie theme, mayroon Tagalog, merong parang R&B. It’s still all about love,” said Christian.

Aside from this, Christian was also thankful that he was able to work with different people from the music industry—like Ogie Alcasid, who wrote “Could Have Been The One;” Martin Nievera, who wrote “Forever In Your Eyes;” Jimmy Borja, who contributed the lyrics of “Nakalimutan Kong Sabihin;” and Acel Van Ommen (formerly of Moonstar 88); for the song “I Believe.” But what brings him pride is the inclusion of a song written by his younger brother Joshua—an acoustic track titled “Hope.” Christian said that Joshua is not really a singer but he is fond of writing poems. “He really just wrote random thoughts that he came up and became a poem and then, ‘Here, its ok,’ ‘then we included it [in the album].”

Before the press conference started, Christian performed the album’s opening track called “The One Who Won My Heart.” Its music video, shot entirely at the Heritage Park, was also shown to the invited media people. “‘The One Who Won My Heart’ is the typical Christian Bautista ballad and, well, it’s close to my heart right now,” said Christian. Another person who participated in the creation of the album was Andrew Fromm, the man behind the word of Christian’s signature song “The Way You Look At Me.”

The singer was delighted to work with the songwriter again especially since the new song is not the typical ballad songs that he performs. “What’s cool about Andrew Fromm is he can make different kinds of songs. Last song that he did for me is ‘She Could Be’ on my second album, a little bit rock. This ‘Creation,’ a little bit of R&B.” The album would also feature the other side of the Bossa Nova Queen Sitti. They performed a duet in the album title track “Captured.” “For Sitti fans, this is not Bossa Nova, this is pop. So, it’ll be exciting for them to check it out and how we do our duet, because it’s another side of Sitti. And it is really a happy song,” he described.

The 12-track album was released two weeks ago and Christian excitedly told the press that it is doing well in the market. Captured will be officially launched this Sunday, July 20, on ABS-CBN’s Sunday variety show ASAP ‘08. – Nerisa Almo

Walau Habis Terang – Peterpan

Album: Single / Sebuah Nama Sebuah Cerita
Website: http://www.peterpanband.com/

Lyric click here

Lagu ini merupakan soundtrack sinetron Dia bukan Cinderella, dan juga merupakan salah satu lagu yang diunggulkan dalam album terbaru Peterpan, Sebuah Nama Sebuah Cerita.

Album terbaru Peterpan ini kabarnya juga akan menjadi album terakhir Peterpan. Setelah 2 personilnya mendirikan The Titans, Peterpan yang digawangi oleh Ariel (vokal), Uki (gitar), Lukman (gitar) dan Reza (drum) memang sudah lama ingin mengganti nama Peterpan dengan nama baru.

Namun karena mereka terikat kontrak dengan Musica Studio, terpaksa rencana ganti nama ditunda hingga Peterpan menyelesaikan 2 album terakhir, yaitu: “Hari yang cerah” dan album terakhir Peterpan “Sebuah Nama Sebuah Cerita”.

Shakespeare berkata, apalah arti sebuah nama. Kta lihat, akankah Ariel dan teman-temannya bisa berjaya setelah meninggalkan merk Peterpan dan menggunakan brand baru.


1 Response to “Playlist New Entry 4 Agustus 2008”

  1. Agustus 4, 2008 pukul 7:17 pm

    WAhhhhh… makasih… makasih… makasih…. ini keren2 banget lagunya

    Apa khabar mas alex… maaf baru mampir lagi, dan maaf link di blog baru belum saya buat satupun karna kesibukan saya menulis buku… ngejar target publish before the end of september, karna akan dilaunch bualn oktober kalo gak ada halangan.

    Nanti saya link kalo udah sempat buatin blogrollnya yach… btw, lagu2 disini menghibur banget loh mas.

    And info ttg black box Adam air, ckckckckcck… meneganggan sekaligus gemes kenapa yg begini2, udah jelas2 asli amsih berusaha ditutup2pin… dasar kita ini kok ya takut saekali mengakui kesalahan yah… harusnya kita lewogo saja, lalu belajar dari kekurangan kita sehingga kedepannya kita jadi jauhhh lebih maju dobanding sekarang.

    Thank you banget mas alex… It’s entertaining a lot

    salam hangat,

    ya..begitulah..sekarang benar dan salah hanya beda tipis..di tunggu lho buku terbarunya..

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