Playlist New Entry 7 Juli 2008

Treat Me Right – Backstreet Boys

 John wayne – Billy Idol

Baiknya – Ada Band

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Treat Me Right – Back Street Boys

Album: Unbreakable
Label: BMG Japan
Released: 05 February 2008
Website: http://www.backstreetboys.com/home.php

Treat Me Right adalah lagu ke 11 dari 23 cuts yang ada dalam CD / DVD Album Unbreakable. Di Amerika, Album Unbreakable sudah direlease sejak 30 Oktiber 2007 melalui perusahaan rekaman Jive / Zomba. Treat Me Right disajikan dengan bumbu sweet dance yang sudah menjadi ciri khas boys band. Ringan dan mudah untuk dinikmati.
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Album Review:

The Backstreet Boys struck a defensive stance on their 2005 comeback, titling it Never Gone as if they hadn’t been dormant for about five years. Never Gone was greeted by the requisite flurry of press and a modest amount of success, turning platinum without really generating any real hits — enough to revive their career but falling just short of making them stars again — so it’s not entirely a surprise that in the year following its release, Kevin Richardson left the band for a solo career while Nick Carter tried his hand at reality TV, teaming up with his sibling for E!’s House of Carters, a move that gained Backstreet Boys about as much publicity as Tommy Lee Goes to College did for Mötley Crüe. Carter wasn’t about to leave BSB, though, he was just biding time until the group assembled their next album, 2007’s Unbreakable. Bearing a title equally as defiant as Never Gone, the Backstreets do sound a little bit shaken here, as they revive a modicum of their sound of 2000, all the better to balance the somewhat stodgy adult contemporary vibe of their 2005 album. These dancier, poppier moments — such as “Everything But Mine,” which opens the album after a slight harmony intro from the boys; “One in a Million,” which conjures memories of the stuttering eight-note beats of “Larger Than Life”; or “Any Other Way,” which doesn’t quite have the guts to go completely Futuresex in the way its thumping electro-beat suggests, so it slides into Chicago territory — are used as window dressing for tunes that aren’t as lively as “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back),” but the lighter touch does help the many ballads. Also helping Unbreakable is the focus that a handful of producers give it: most of this is produced (and often co-written) by Dan Muckala, who specializes in keeping things breezy, both on the ballads and up-tempo tunes, and the John Shanks, Emanuel Kiriakou, Billy Mann, and JC Chasez productions fit seamlessly next to each other. So, like Never Gone, the basic sound of the album is good, but the problem is that few of the songs stick — even less than they did last time around, which is too bad because the biggest Backstreet hits, like “I Want it That Way” and “Quit Playing Games (With My Heart),” crossed over from the teen pop genre because the songs were so strong. Here, the Backstreet Boys don’t have any songs that will lift them out of the adult contemporary world — but the audience who has turned from teens to adults with them will likely enjoy its easy sound, as there is nothing bad here. There’s just nothing great, either. [BMG Japan issued a CD/DVD edition in 2008.] Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide


John Wayne – Billy Idol

Album: Idolize Yourself: The Very Best of Billy Idol
Label: EMI
Released: 23 June 2008
Website: http://www.billyidol.net

Billy Idol is BACK!! Rocker gaek di era 80an, Billy Idol akhir bulan Juni lalu telah merelease album terbarunya yang dibandrol  “Idolize Yourself: The Very Best of Billy Idol”. Dalam album barunya, icon punk rocker ini menawarkan satu lagu baru dengan judul John Wayne.

Billy yang saat ini berusia 53 tahun tidak meninggalkan ciri khas musiknya. Saat mendengarkan John Wayne, kita akan terbawa ke era kejayaan music new wave yang banyak didominasi musisi Inggris seperti Duran-duran, Wham dan David Bowie. John Wayne juga mengingatkan kita pada hits-hits Billy Idol sebelumnya, seperti White Wedding, Flesh for Fantasy dan Rebel Yell.

John Wayne, silahkan dinikmati untuk mengobati rindu
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Album review

If there was graffiti to match Billy Idol’s new greatest hits album, it wouldn’t read ‘Idol was ‘ere’. Instead, the message coming through loud and clear from the original punk rocker’s third best-of collection is ‘Billy is ‘ere… still’. The rocker is nearing pension age but shows no signs of stopping. He’s still touring, and, as if to prove the creative juices are still flowing, he’s also included two brand new tracks on the disc. Written with long-time partner Steve Stevens, they are produced by Josh Abraham, who’s previously worked his magic for Velvet Revolver, Limp Bizkit and Courtney Love. So do the newbies cut it alongside the classic Idol? In a word: yes.

John Wayne is a stylish track that sounds like slightly sedated Linkin Park, with an epic guitar line which builds to a power ballad chorus. Meanwhile New Future Weapon is a punchily upbeat track with echoes of Rebel Yell, just crying out to be used as a soundtrack to the next action blockbuster.

Even if the new tracks don’t float your boat, there are sixteen classic snarly punk rock tracks which will; including White Wedding, Hot In The City, Rebel Yell and Mony, Mony. The deluxe edition of the album will also see thirteen of Idol’s videos make their way from MTV to DVD for the first time.

Make no mistake: this is a man who recognises the power of cult appeal. One of the first stars of MTV in the early 1980s, he boosted his legendary status with a classic cameo appearance, saving the day in Adam Sandler’s 80s spoof film The Wedding Singer in 1998. He was no doubt thrilled when cult US comic Weird Al Yankovic spoofed Mony Mony in his track Alimony.

‘William is idle’ wrote one unsuspecting school teacher in Billy’s report, eventually inspiring one of punk rock’s most famous monikers. Far from idle now, the platinum haired rocker’s own message on this greatest hits release is a more positive one: ”Everyone should idolize themselves”. Worship him you should – Idol is back on classic form. (Sophie Bruce – BBC)

Baiknya – Ada Band

Album: Single 2008
Label : EMI
Website: http://www.ada-band.info/

“Baiknya” adalah single terbaru Ada Band yang akan menjadi salah satu hit yang ditawarkan dalam album ke delapan mereka. Tahun lalu, Ada Band merelease album “Cinema Story” yang terdiri dari 12 lagu. 6 diantaranya dibuat berdasarkan naskah film Selamanya – produksi Multivision Pictures.


1 Response to “Playlist New Entry 7 Juli 2008”

  1. 1 oghi
    Juli 7, 2008 pukul 8:52 pm

    Dengerin John Wayne-nya Billy Idol dengan irama Hard Rock, terkesan tenang optimis , sebuah kegarangan yang dibalut melodius yang manis. Welcome Back Billy !

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