Undangan seminar di Washington bagi jurnalis wanita

PRB, sebuah lembaga pemerhati populasi dunia, mengundang jurnalis wanita untuk menghadiri seminar gratis mengenai kesehatan, keluarga dan berbagai hal mengenai dunia wanita. Seminar ini akan diselenggarakan di Washington Amerika sekitar bulan Oktober atau November 2008. Biaya perjalanan dan seminar akan ditanggung sepenuhnya oleh PRB. Informasi lebih lanjut dapat dibaca di bawah ini:

The Population Reference Bureau (PRB) is once again inviting applications to its Women’s Edition program.  Launched in 1993, Women’s Edition brings together senior-level women journalists – editors, reporters, and producers – from developing countries to examine important topics related to women’s reproductive health and development.

Women’s Edition offers a unique opportunity to become part of an international network of leading women journalists interested in women’s health and development. Up to 15 women journalists will be selected to participate for two years in the program.

During that time, PRB will organize four one-week seminars for them. At each session journalists will engage in sessions with health and development experts, editorial meetings to develop strategies for covering these issues, Internet research training, and site visits to see innovative programs in action. Women’s Edition is funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).


PRB will host the first seminar in Washington, D.C., in October or November 2008. It will cover basic reproductive health issues, including family planning, safe motherhood, and obstacles to women’s reproductive health. At that seminar, PRB will invite the Women’s Edition participants to recommend the location and theme of the next seminar, which will be in May or June 2009. In recent years, Women’s Edition seminars have been held in Washington; London; Mumbai and Jamkhed, India; Johannesburg, South Africa; and Toronto, Canada.

Who should apply?

PRB seeks to include women journalists who:

· Hold influential editorial positions – senior-level editors, reporters, and producers – with leading media outlets that have large audiences, such as national and regional magazines, newspapers, and television and radio stations;

· Work on publications or broadcast programs that are produced at least six times a year;

· Reside in a developing region (Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, or the Middle East);

· Demonstrate interest in women’s health, development, and population issues;

· Demonstrate a commitment to covering these topics in their media; and

· Can communicate comfortably and effectively in English during the seminars, though they may write or broadcast in any language.


PRB can cover travel and seminar expenses for participants from countries where USAID has family planning programs. For a list of those programs, go to: http://www.usaid.gov/our_work/global_health/pop/countries/index.html

Interested journalists from developing countries where USAID does not have family planning programs must seek full funding from other sources for all network-related expenses, including travel and accommodation. Funding can come from their home organizations or from national or international agencies.


Applications must be received at PRB by Aug. 1, 2008. Participants will be notified by Aug. 22, 2008. Those selected will be asked to submit a letter from their managing editor or director in support of their participation in Women’s Edition. Participation includes commitments to:

· Participate in the seminars.

· Publish or produce at least one in-depth supplement, series of articles, or broadcast program after each seminar on the issues explored in the seminar.

· Send to PRB copies of each supplement, series of articles, or broadcast program immediately after its publication or broadcast.

How to apply

The application form is attached. It is also available on PRB’s website, www.prb.org. To be considered, applicants must submit all of the information requested. Applications and samples of work can be mailed to: Deborah Mesce, Women’s Edition Coordinator, Population Reference Bureau, 1875 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 520, Washington, DC, 20009, USA., or faxed to (202) 328-3937, or sent by e-mail to dmesce@prb.org with Women’s Edition in the subject line.

Please see PRB’s website for more information about PRB and its other media activities.


2 Responses to “Undangan seminar di Washington bagi jurnalis wanita”

  1. Juli 1, 2008 pukul 11:11 am

    ada yang ikut enggak dari passfm mas?

    semoga ada yang lolos seleksi mas…

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