Playlist New Entry 16 Juni 2008


Hilang – Java Jive 



This Is Home – Switchfoot



Ready to Fly – Amy Pearson feat. Rio Febrian

 Podcast, Review, Video Clip:

Hilang – Java Jive

Album: Stay Gold
Label : Musica
website: http://javajiveband.blogs.friendster.com/javajiveband/

Boys Band gaek Java Jive kembali muncul di pentas musik Indonesia setelah menghilang selama setahun. Dalam album terbarunya STAY GOLD (released 15 Juni 2008), Java Jive menawarkan single manis dengan judul HILANG.

This Is Home – Switchfoot

Album: The Chronicles of Narnia : Prince Caspian (Original Soundtrack)
Label: Disney
Released: May 13, 2008

website: http://www.switchfoot.com/

Composer Harry Gregson-Williams re-teams with director Andrew Adamson, with whom he worked not only on The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, but also on the Shrek movies, for the second Walt Disney film to be based on the series of C.S. Lewis’ fantasy novels about the world of Narnia. Gregson-Williams is given full rein to create an old-fashioned movie score with a full orchestra and several choirs, and he uses it fully, coming up with big, soaring themes, galloping chase music, and calm, lovely slow passages, all to accompany the film’s extensive action and adventure sequences. This is music intended to be a big part of the film experience, not only underlying, but also accentuating the emotional force of the images. It is not sufficiently memorable to live for long outside the theater, but it does an efficient job inside it. Also included are a few earnest pop songs, notably a pop/rock ballad by Switchfoot, “This Is Home,” with hit potential. The enhanced content available by putting the disc in one’s computer is actually found on the Internet, not on the CD itself. It consists of a trailer for the film and a photo gallery. ~ William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide. Billboard

Ready to Fly – Amy Pearson feat. Rio Febrian

Album: Who I Am
Label: Sony Music Australia

website: http://www.amypearson.com.au

‘Ready To Fly’ is the third single from Amy Pearson’s forthcoming album ‘Who I Am’. In this song, Amy made a romantics duet with Indonesian male singer Rio Febrian. The uplifting, soaring song which Amy wrote with Tom Nichols and Tim Baxter (Kylie Minogue, All Saints and Jessica Simpson), will launch in the 2008 Olympic Games. The single features the bonus track ‘We Both Know’ performed by Amy and Guy Sebastian and a ‘Drive’ remix.


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