Playlist New Entry 9 Juni 2008


Kenangan Indah – Mala & the Bandits



The Time of My Life – David Cook



Say Yeah – Wizz Khalifa


Review, video clip and podcast:

Kenangan Indah – Mala & the Bandits

local127_3 Album: All you Can Beat
Label: RPM (Royal Prima Musikindo)


Mala & the Bandits adalah duo pendatang baru di belantika musik Indonesia. Melalui album terbarunya “All You Can Eat”, Mala yang juga seorang DJ mencoba menawarkan lagu-lagu dance, seperti yang bisa kita nikmati dalam single “Kenangan Indah”. Personil lainnya adalah Budi, yang sebelumnya tergabung sebagai personil Groove Bandit, yang sempat meluncurkan album Two Years After dan menjadi salah satu nominator AMI Awards 2006. Tak heran, selain dentuman bass, sentuhan groove juga terdengar kental dalam lagu ini.

The Time of My Life – David Cook

Website: http://www.davidcook.org/

video clip click here

The winner of the seventh season of Fox’s American Idol competition, David Cook is rock-oriented vocalist with a bent toward a commercial post-grunge sound. Born in Houston, TX in 1982, Cook grew up in Blue Springs, MO and first began singing in various elementary school concerts. During high school, Cook participated in the drama program and appeared in many musical productions. In his junior year of high school, Cook formed the band Axium along with a classmate and performed with the band throughout his time at college, even releasing two independently produced albums that garnered some national recognition. Although he attended the University of Central Missouri on a theatre scholarship, after two years he switched degree programs to graphic design. After graduating college in 2006, Cook parted ways Axium and moved to Tulsa, OK to pursue his musical interests. While there, he worked as a bartender and performed with the band The Midwest Kings. In 2006, Cook released an independently produced solo album, Analog Heart, and had completed a follow-up before auditioning for the 2008 season of the Fox vocal competition American Idol. Not surprisingly, Analog Heart began to sell online during Cook’s time on American Idol and was pulled off Amazon.com not long after being listed as the site’s number one seller. Initially, Cook came to the Idol auditions to support his younger brother Andrew, who did not make the cut. However, after getting encouragement from his brother, Cook sang Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer” for the judges and was accepted into the Hollywood round of competition. A guitar player since age 12, Cook took advantage of the show’s new rule change allowing vocalists to play instruments and for many of his subsequent performances accompanied himself on guitar. Although he did not receive much attention at first on American Idol, his third week performance of Lionel Ritchie’s “Hello” drew raves from the judges, who praised him for taking an R&B song and turning it into a post-grunge power ballad. It was a formula that Cook would repeat with much success a few weeks later with a rock arrangement of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” borrowed directly from a recording by former Soundgarden vocalist Chris Cornell. Also bringing some extra attention to Cook was the revelation that his older brother was battling cancer. Sensationally, during the competition Cook was taken to the hospital for treatment for high blood pressure and heart palpitations, purportedly caused by stress over his brother’s situation. However, Cook quickly returned to the show and dismissed the event as a minor precaution. Often referred two as the “Battle of the Davids”, the 2008 finale of American Idol pitted Cook against 17-year old wunderkind David Archuleta, who many critics and fans predicted would beat the elder Cook. However, on May 21, 2008 Cook ultimately received 56 percent of the vote to win. Cook’s version of the winning Idol single “Time of My Life’ was released on Itunes the following day. His full-length major label debut is expected to drop in late 2008. ~ Matt Collar, All Music Guide – billboard.com

Say Yeah – Wizz Khalifa

Album: Wizz Khalifa
website: http://www.youtube.com/user/WizKhalifaMusic

video clip click here

In June of 2007, Wiz Khalifa made history for the city of Pittsburgh by signing a major record deal with Warner Bros. Records. Led by his Rostrum Records team, Wiz burst into the national hip hop spotlight by way of a riveting grassroots movement. Rolling Stone magazine honored Wiz in December 2006 as a “New Artist To Watch” and his “Pittsburgh Sound” video was selected for the Editor’s Hot List a few months later. XXL’s March 2007 issue featured Wiz in their coveted “Show and Prove” section. Mass Appeal had Wiz as the lead artist for 2007’s “Next of Kin.” He has been praised by VIBE magazine as “an East Coast star in the waiting”, while also recently being featured in their October 2007 issue as a “Next” artist. Major magazines overseas in 2007 also took notice of the 19 year old prodigy’s talent, with features in UK’s Hip-Hop Connection and France’s RAP US.
The year 2007 has also showcased Wiz live on stage with national acts such as Nas, T.I., Rich Boy, Lil Scrappy, Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, T-Pain, The Clipse, Ghostface, Lupe Fiasco, Styles P, Bone Thugs N Harmony, and Little Brother.
Wiz has also continued to get lots of honors from the online community. AllHipHop.com named Wiz as one of the Best New Artists of 2006 with Lupe Fiasco and Rick Ross. His debut street album “Show and Prove” was labeled by Okayplayer.com as “arguably the best hip hop release of the year”. The Prince of Pittsburgh has had nine songs featured on XXLMag.com’s “Bangers” section, seven on AllHipHop.com’s media zone, while firmly putting his city of Pittsburgh on the national hip hop map.
In early 2007, after bringing home “Best Male Artist” and Lyrcist Of The Year” at the 1st annual Pittsburgh Hip Hop awards, Wiz premiered his worldwide debut video “Pittsburgh Sound”. It exploded via the Net and in the spring of 2007 FUSE TV debuted it on Cable, eventually being chosen by fans as an “Oven Fresh Keeper” on the channel.
Wiz’s massive presence on the Internet has attracted many new fans to his music. In the past year, Wiz Khalifa’s profile on Myspace.com has exploded, being visited in excess of 300,000 times, tracks played over 750,000 times, and accumulating over 30,000 “friends” from all over the world.
Now with a debut major label single “Youngin On His Grind” beginning to buzz nationwide, Wiz is officially ready to be the new face of rap. With his Rostrum/Warner Bros. Records team behind him, Wiz is garnering more attention than ever. In the summer of 2007, he has put out a new mixtape “Grow Season” with DJ Green Lantern, performed on the DUB tour, and released a video for “Youngin On His Grind” that has been featured all over the Internet. Stay tuned for the latest…


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