Playlist New Entry 13 Mei 2008

This week New Entry:

Maybe – Jay Sean

Whole lot of leavin – Bon Jovi

Aku milikmu – Iwan Fals

Kekasih yang tak dianggap – Pinkan Mambo

Maybe – Jay Sean

Issue Date: 05/17/2008
Album: My Own Way
Distribution Label: 2point9/Jayded


This song is the second single from Jay Sean new album ‘My Own Way’. ‘Maybe’ is currently sitting at NO.3 in the Physical single charts this week a few copies behind the Madonna & Justin Timberlake duet, & Usher’s first single in 2 years. This an incredible achievement in the UK making him the first British Asian artist to have had five Top 15 hits with another massive single ready to drop real soon after his album ‘My Own Way’.

Whole lot of leavin’ – Bon Jovi

Recorded: 2006 / Released: 2008
Album: Lost Highway
Label: Mercury Nashville
Writer(s): Jon Bon Jovi, John Shanks
Producer: John Shanks


Inspired by the crossover success of “Who Says You Can’t Go Home,” a No. 1 hit at country radio, Bon Jovi gives its open-hearted stadium rock a Nashville makeover. “Lost Highway” is a collection of carefully country-flavored, classic-sounding tunes emphasizing acoustic guitars and personal storytelling—from the regretful “Whole Lot of Leaving” and the breezy “Any Other Day” to the charming “Seat Next to You.” Making new friends, the boys party-rock with Big & Rich (“We Got It Goin’ On”) and slow-dance with LeAnn Rimes on “Till We Ain’t Strangers Anymore,” an intimate duet. Old fans may gasp at the fiddles on the opening title track, and somewhere out there, Keith Urban will blush. But this is an exciting new chapter for Bon Jovi, one that started more than 20 years ago with the line, “I’m a cowboy/On a steel horse I ride.” —Sven Philipp, Billboard Magazine

Aku Milikmu – Iwan Fals


The charm of the big screen has lured popular singer Iwan Fals to play a role in Kekasih (Lover), a new romantic film directed by Wisnu Adi. In the film, the singer of “Bento” and “Umar Bakri” fame plays a musician-singer, belting out the film’s soundtrack “Aku Milikmu” (I’m Yours) by Pongky Jikustik. “Earlier, I agreed only to sing the song but when I saw the film’s trailer, I became interested in playing a role. I think this film has a good story to tell,” Iwan told Antara. He said the film, which will hit theaters April 3, was different from other local films. “It’s a romantic drama but presented in a way that touches my heart,” said the musician, who previously starred in Damai Kami Sepanjang Hari (Our Peaceful Day) and Kantata Takwa back in 1980s. Kantata Takwa is the name of a Jakarta band made popular during the 1970s. Iwan said he felt awkward on the first few days of shooting and acting in front of the camera again. But he soon got over it. “Come to think of it, it’s not too different from making a video clip,” he said. Jakarta Post.

Kekasih yang tak dianggap – Pinkan Mambo

tentang Pinkan Mambo klik di sini


1 Response to “Playlist New Entry 13 Mei 2008”

  1. 1 nino
    Mei 13, 2008 pukul 4:38 pm

    Hebat euy! Mas Alex ini memang hebat! bukan hanya masalah2 serius saja yang dibahas…tapi entertainment juga ‘doyan’…hahaha..
    Good luck, Mas!

    Thanks supportnya Nin! Kata orang, kita harus seimbang hahaha…Ditunggu masukan berikutnya

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